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Still Epiq, Always Epiq

John Orlando


Over the past 14 years, Epiq’s team has been unwavering in its pursuit to become leaders in delivering low-SWaP open architecture SDRs that cater to a myriad of end-user applications. Every page in our story has been about evolution, innovation, and pushing boundaries. Today, I'm thrilled to share the latest chapter with you—our brand refresh. As part of our strategic evolution, we spent some time reflecting on our brand and decided it was time for a refresh of our website and logo. This visual transformation embodies our progressive spirit, our vision, and growth trajectory.

A Commitment Renewed

We thrive in an environment where we get our hands dirty with everything RF and SDR. From enabling solutions for counter-UAS systems to identifying rogue wireless devices in secure infrastructures and even diving deep into the intricacies of the wireless networks in any given locale, our journey has been both challenging and fascinating.

Our dedication to innovation has not just been limited to terrestrial applications. Recognizing the increasing importance of space and its confluence with our expertise, we made a strategic acquisition of Xiphos in January 2023. This move was envisioned to amplify our product portfolio, catering to the ever-evolving RF, sensor, and processing requirements that span across maritime, ground, air, and the infinite expanse of space. For our customers, this isn’t just about adding cool tech toys to the collection. That means enhanced connectivity and bridging terrestrial RF capabilities with stellar possibilities for New Space missions.

So What's New?


Our new logo is a blend of our past and future. While it pays tribute to our original design, it's modernized to represent our state-of-the-art engineering and commitment to innovation.


We've revamped our website to offer you a more user-friendly experience. It's sleeker, faster, and more intuitive. Go check it out to browse our product lines and meet the epic minds behind our solutions—our team.



Epiq is expanding into Europe! Earlier this year, we established an Epiq UK entity to help grow our engagement with international customers.  We just hired our International Director of Sales and the first UK-based employee. He’ll be at the Specialist Defence and Security Convention UK (SDSC-UK) in a few weeks. Are you attending as well? Ping us in the comments if you’d like to meet for a chat.

Rooted in Values

While our look has changed, our core values remain constant. This brand refresh is not just about aesthetics; it's a reaffirmation of our commitments. Amidst all the advancements we’ve accomplished, there’s a core principle we've consistently held onto—our unwavering focus on our customers and their missions. We're thrilled to play a small part in the success of so many of our customer's products and projects, and we look forward to growing that engagement in the coming years. We hope our new website will become a platform for more meaningful interactions between Epiq’s team and you, our customers, followers, and partners.

An Ode to Our Team

At the heart of Epiq's success lies its most valuable asset—our team. The team that always helps ensure our success and the success of our customers. Their dedication, passion, and unmatched expertise lie at the very heart of all our accomplishments. I am so very grateful to be shoulder to shoulder with our crew, helping to make a difference in the world as we pursue future endeavors.

What's Next for Epiq?

We’ve been busier than ever behind the scenes, working with our customers to understand how to reduce friction in their SDR-enabled solution development. We will continue to release more products combining the best of what our team does, aligned to some of the hardest problem sets in the wireless landscape. And for those who made it this far in the blog, here is a sneak peek of what to expect next: we will announce our Matchstiq G40 and X40 before the end of the year!  These SDRs offer high-performance, low SWaP capabilities optimized for AI & ML at the RF edge. Intrigued? Sign up for our blog or follow our LinkedIn page, and you’ll be the first to hear about the newest releases and developments.

Keep in touch!

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