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Why Epiq's Taking a Leap… Into Space

Posted on Feb 9, 2023 6:05:01 AM

In early January 2023, Epiq announced its first-ever acquisition, joining forces with the crew at Xiphos Systems Corporation. Xiphos is a leader in space-qualified small form factor embedded computing/processing solutions, and Epiq is focused on terrestrial software-defined radio and RF sensing…so you may be wondering: why?

Our team is growing in all disciplines as we continue to earn the trust of our customers on larger and more complex projects. We launched new products in high-performance SDR as well as critical applications such as public safety network testing. We're making big bets in the emerging SOSA and MORA standards and going beyond the 6GHz barrier in many new products.

Last year when we received a strategic investment from Veritas Capital that helped put into perspective the power of solid, aligned teams to amplify one another. Additionally, as a leader, I began thinking more about how joining forces with the right mix of team, culture, and products can potentially yield significant value for our customers and help solve the ever-changing landscape of challenges they face. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to Xiphos' President, Edwin Faier.

Two Teams Up to Their Ears in Opportunity

Xiphos delivers customizable, high-performance embedded processing solutions in uniquely compact form factors — and at a much lower cost than traditional processing solutions utilized in space applications. The growing global demand for low Earth orbit satellites, combined with Xiphos' low cost solutions and world-class team means that their business is growing rapidly.

Similar to Xiphos, our team at Epiq found success with extremely low SWaP products, a rapidly growing need by our customers for flexible RF situational awareness, and a team of dedicated experts focused on our customer's success.

The similarities didn't stop there. Both teams are filled with passionate "makers" that know how to get things built and delivered, with a humble perspective toward solving some of the world's most challenging problems.

We Can Learn from One Another

I have the bumps and bruises to prove that starting and growing a technology company is not easy, nor does it evolve in a straight line. I could immediately see that the combination of Xiphos and Epiq would bring together a team who had learned from the journey and could share their hard-won capability to make a difference to one another.

I also knew how important it is to have an aligned view of how to enable success. As I learned more about the values the Xiphos team uses to guide their work — technology-driven, customer first, clear and objective communication, and humility — it seemed more and more like we'd found the ideal fit.

Our Customers Will Win

The world is moving towards small form factor, distributed processing solutions to enable emerging capabilities for both terrestrial and space-based deployments. Smaller and lower power solutions translate to more capability packed in when it matters most.

Many of our SDR and RF sensing customers today also have product needs in the space domain, just as Xiphos has customers engaging with them to provide flexible SDR solutions and other processing/sensing solutions as part of their space-qualified embedded computing product portfolio. Bringing together the capabilities of our products and our teams will help our customers deliver more with shorter development cycles and less risk.

So, why are Epiq and Xiphos coming together? We can help our customers as well as each other. Two teams with such similar missions and values will surely be better together. Keep an eye on what we do next!

John Orlando, CEO Epiq Solutions and Xiphos